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A restraining order is an order from the court prohibiting someone from making contact with a specific person or going near or entering a certain establishment. It can be temporary or permanent and is often ordered in a civil or family court case.

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Reasons for a Court Order

Typically issued in cases involving domestic violence or other situations where there is possible reason to expect violence, a restraining order can be issued without any input or opportunity to be heard. If a person has had two incidents of violence or stalking, one of which must have occurred within the previous six months, a restraining order for repeat violence can be issued.

Violating an Order

If a restraining order has been issued against you, or if you have been accused of violating a restraining order, you are facing serious legal consequences. It is a criminal offense and will go on your record. Having a restraining order issued against you is a serious matter that requires the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. I can help.