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Questions for Your Florida DUI Attorney

Golburgh Law July 22, 2016

If you have been charged with a DUI, contact Golburgh Law today, to answer all your questions.

After you are arrested for driving under the influence, regardless of whether or not you’re innocent, you will be better off having the assistance of an experienced Florida DUI attorney. Choosing the right lawyer is vital to the outcome of your DUI case, and it is important to ask lots of questions before hiring an attorney. When you meet with a Florida DUI lawyer for your initial consultation, there are several questions that you can ask to help you choose the best lawyer to take your case.

Do you specialize in DUI cases? How many cases have you won?

The number of DUI cases a lawyer has now and has handled in the past and the number of years he or she has been practicing are important factors to consider when interviewing a DUI lawyer. DUI cases can be complex. They require the expertise of an attorney who focuses his or her practice primarily on the defense of those charged with DUI. Make sure that you leave the attorney’s office knowing that you have hired an attorney who has real knowledge, experience, and recorded results in the area of DUI law.

Will you be the attorney handling my entire case?

Some lawyers will be present for your initial consultation and take your retainer, but then pass your file along to his or her associate to handle the actual trial work. Make sure the lawyer you actually hire will be the one who handles your case in court. You are hiring that lawyer because you’re comfortable with that lawyer. Make sure you know whether or not your file will be handled by someone other than the lawyer you liked and hired.

Are you familiar with the Florida breath test machine?

Most lawyers that claim to ‘handle’ DUI cases take the results of the Intoxilzyer breath test machines for granted and automatically accept them as accurate and reliable. That is not always true. Make sure your potential hire knows how to defend against a breath alcohol result that appears over the legal limit. There’s a lot to know about how the Intoxilyzer actually collects and analyzes a breath sample. You’ll need a lawyer that has this knowledge in order for him or her to properly represent you.

Are you familiar with the court system in my county?

Does your potential hire know the way around the courtroom in your county? Does he or she have any kind of working relationship with the prosecutor or the Judge? Not always, but often, familiarity and experience with the personalities involved in the court system can be a benefit as it relates to the success of the outcome of your case. Knowing the tendencies of the Judge or the prosecutor can help you lawyer formulate is particular strategy in terms of how he or she approaches that prosecutor or that Judge. If you are comfortable with a particular lawyer who doesn’t necessarily practice regularly in your jurisdiction, make sure your lawyer is comfortable engaging the assistance of a local attorney to help deal with the personalities of everyone involved in your case.

Have you or a loved one been arrested for DUI? Contact experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer Lloyd H. Golburgh at Golburgh Law to discuss your questions and your options. I have the skill level, the knowledge, and the experience necessary to help you defend against your DUI charge. Contact us to schedule a free, 45-minute consultation today.