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Family Law Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Due to the personal nature of family law issues, they can be difficult to face on your own. Whether you’re going through a divorce or a child custody dispute, its outcome will affect both you and the ones you love most. When so much is on the line, consider reaching out to a knowledgeable family law attorney for assistance.

At Golburgh Law, I represent families in the moments that matter most. Reach out to my office in Fort Lauderdale to learn how I can help you seek a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones. I proudly serve clients throughout South Florida, including those located in Miami and West Palm Beach. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.


No matter the circumstances, divorce is never easy. However, it could also signify the start of a new chapter of your life. As your attorney, my goal is to help you address the necessary aspects of your divorce so you can move forward with confidence.

Protecting your best interests is my top priority. I’ll work to make sure you understand your rights when it comes to marital property, including and which of your assets are subject to division. When it’s time to divide property, I’ll advocate for the fair outcome you deserve. I’m also prepared to represent you in discussions surrounding retirement funds/401(k)s, as well as alimony and any pension amounts to which you may be entitled.

Child Custody

Child custody issues are some of the toughest — and most emotional — aspects of family law. Compromising on a custody arrangement is often easier said than done. Custody disputes can be resolved through mediation, which involves a third party meeting with you and your child’s other parent, or a child custody hearing in which the court will determine what is best for your child. When a child custody dispute arises, turn to me for skilled legal counsel.

If your child custody dispute results in litigation, having experienced representation is imperative. Experience in the courtroom matters, and you need an attorney who can properly advocate for your desired outcome so your children are given the best chance to thrive.

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Child Support

Your child deserves every opportunity to succeed, and that typically requires a sense of financial security provided by child support. An ideal child support arrangement should balance the known costs and established expenses between parties who are raising a child. Child support payments are designed to assist with costs related to:

  • Housing

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • School expenses

  • Medical care

  • Child care

  • Transportation

  • Extracurricular activities and other entertainment expenses

If you and your child’s other parent cannot agree on a child support arrangement, or if the other parent is not complying with one already in place, I’m ready to help you seek a fair solution. Set up a consultation with me today at Golburgh Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Why Hire an Attorney?

When navigating an issue of family law, it can be easy to let your emotions prevent you from making the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Working with an unbiased professional like an attorney can provide you with the clarity you need.

At Golburgh Law, I can use my years of experience to advise you on your divorce, child custody dispute, or related problem. By combining my compassion for my clients with my logic-based approach, I know how to skillfully work toward the outcome you deserve.

Whether you live in Miami, West Palm Beach, or anywhere else in South Florida, I’m ready to be the legal partner you need. Contact me today at my office in Fort Lauderdale. I’ll set you up with a free consultation.

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