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There are many different types of drug offense charges in Florida. The penalties associated with each particular drug offense are determined by many different factors including the defendant’s prior criminal history, the type of drug allegedly involved and the amount of the drug the defendant is accused of possessing.

There are options available to someone charged with certain drug offenses. For example, a person charged with straight possession of marijuana, cocaine or illegally obtained prescription drugs may be entitled to take advantage of the pre-trial diversion drug-court program or the State Attorney’s own pre-trial diversion program. Successful completion of this program will result in the dismissal of all charges. On the other hand, someone charged with intent to distribute drugs to another, or with trafficking in illegal drugs may face mandatory-minimum prison time. A conviction for any type of unlawful drug possession will also result in a two-year driver’s license revocation.

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Illegal Drug Activity

Drug offenses in Fort Lauderdale include the following:

  • Drug Possession

  • Drug Possession with the intent to distribute

  • Drug Trafficking

  • Conspiracy to Traffic in illegal drugs

  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

  • Importation of Illegal Drugs

  • Manufacture or Cultivation of Illegal Drugs

  • Grow-house operations

The government spends billions of dollars each year on what it calls, “The War on Drugs.” That means if you have been charged with committing a drug offense, the government is at war with you. If you find yourself charged with a drug crime, it is important that you have a criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle these types of matters and has experience in the field. I, Lloyd Golburgh, have been defending people charged with all kinds of criminal offenses since 1994. Make sure you have someone on your side that will be able to fight the ‘war’ for you. Call me today for a free consultation.