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Domestic violence in Florida is defined by statute as any act or threat which places an individual in fear of his or her safety. Threats or acts of violence can be directed at a spouse, live-in companion, or another family member. Acts of domestic violence often take place behind closed doors and there are typically few, if any, witnesses in cases of domestic abuse. Law enforcement officials are often notified of domestic violence by concerned neighbors, onlookers, or by the alleged victim, and in these cases it tends to be one person’s word against another’s.

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If you have been accused of or arrested for domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale, you need an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights. As your Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney, I will make sure to expose any false allegations or inappropriate accusations and will challenge the evidence against you. These are often tricky charges as both the alleged victim and the defendant tend to accuse each other as the initial aggressor. So it is crucial that you have a lawyer who has experience defending these kinds of cases to represent you in court. A conviction for domestic battery brings a mandatory minimum 10-day jail sentence.

When it comes to legal counsel, you need someone who is not only experienced handling domestic violence cases, but who will make your case a priority and fight for you. Being effective involves more than simply knowing the law. Your attorney needs to exhaust every possible option to have your domestic violence charges reduced or dismissed. By completing a thorough investigation, reviewing evidence, and deposing key witnesses, I expect to improve your situation and achieve a positive result.