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At the time you were arrested for DUI, the officer most likely confiscated your driver’s license. You have just ten days from that date to do two things: request a hearing with the DMV to determine whether you get to get your license back, and obtain a temporary hardship license until that determination is made by DMV.

This hearing is called a “Formal Review” of the suspension of your license for driving with a breath or blood alcohol level over the legal limit, or refusing to take a blood, breath, or urine test (depending on which test you are offered). It is very important. If you fail to schedule this hearing within ten days of the date of your arrest, you will automatically forfeit your driver’s license for at least six months and as much as 18 months, without a hardship permit (depending on your individual and unique circumstances).

Our Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers at the Law Office of Lloyd H. Golburgh, P.A. will secure this hearing for you, obtain a hardship permit for you (if your license was in good standing before the arrest) and fight to get your license back when the Formal Review Hearing is scheduled (usually within thirty days of the date of the filing of the request for hearing).

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At the Formal Review hearing, the following will be addressed:

  • Whether the officer had a legal right to pull you over;

  • Whether the officer had reason to believe you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs (legal or otherwise),

  • Whether you blew over the legal limit on a properly calibrated Intoxilyzer 8000 or 9000 breath testing machine; or

  • Whether you refused to take a blood, breath, or urine test when requested to do so by a police officer; and, whether you were warned that there were consequences to refusing any of those requested tests; i.e. that your license would be suspended.

It is important to have an experienced Florida DUI lawyer representing you at this Formal Review hearing in order to give you the best chance at getting your license back. We at the Law Office of Lloyd H. Golburgh, P.A., believe our skill and experience gives you that.

The DHSMV formal review process has nothing to do with your criminal DUI charge. It is separate.
Having Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Lloyd H. Golburgh, P.A. fighting for your license can be the difference between winning and losing the formal review hearing and your driving privilege. We at the Law Office of Lloyd H. Golburgh, P.A. believe your chances of keeping your driver’s license are better when you have an advocate on your side who is familiar with the process at the DHSMV. We know how to navigate this process and will fight to get your license back.

Contact Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Lloyd H. Golburgh, P.A. if you need help getting your driver’s license back.