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Can I Seal or Expunge My Record in Florida?

Golburgh Law June 17, 2016

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you may be able to expunge your records. Contact us today!

An arrest, whether it be for a Florida DUI or some other charge, can seem like something that will stick with you forever, no matter the disposition of the charges. However, it is possible to have your criminal arrest record sealed or expunged unless you have been found guilty and adjudicated guilty of any misdemeanor or felony at any time or any place.

To be eligible to have your Florida DUI arrest record expunged or destroyed, your case has to have ended with a non-file (the state chooses not to file formal charges), a nolle prosequi (state drops the charges after they are filed), or a not-guilty verdict rendered after trial by judge or jury. A case that ends with a finding of guilt, whether or not the court withholds the adjudication of guilt, cannot be expunged. You must not have had any previous arrest record expunged, and the state attorney must have no objection to the expungement.

If your Florida DUI case didn’t end in a non-file, nolle prosequi, or a not-guilty verdict, but ended with a finding of guilt whereafter the court withheld adjudication, you are still eligible to have your record sealed. So long as you haven’t had any previous arrest record sealed, and no other convictions, either misdemeanors or felonies, on your record, you will be eligible to have your Florida DUI arrest record sealed.

If you have never had an arrest record expunged or sealed, and your Florida DUI case ended without a conviction, contact me to discuss your options. I can help you expunge or seal your arrest record. The experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers at Golburgh Law are available today for a consultation.