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Understanding the Difference

Florida assault and battery law defines assault as the intentional and illegal threat of violence to another person through words or actions, paired with the seeming ability to inflict violence. Also involved is doing something that causes another individual to believe physical harm is imminent. Battery is a separate offense that occurs when a person actually carries through with the violence. It may be as simple as unwanted touching or more aggressive contact that is done with the purpose of causing intentional physical harm. There are different categories of assault and battery depending upon the level of harm inflicted upon the victim and whether or not a weapon is used during the commission of the crime.

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Types of Assault & Battery

If you have been charged with assault or battery in Fort Lauderdale, you need representation from a lawyer who is familiar with handling these types of charges. As a lawyer, I know what it takes to defend individuals facing these types of charges, and I will put my knowledge and experience to work for you. I handle all categories of assault and battery charges in Fort Lauderdale, including the following:

  • Simple Assault

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Simple Battery

  • Felony Battery

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Domestic Battery

  • Domestic Battery by Strangulation

Penalties for Aggravated Crimes

Due to the various degrees of assault and battery, the fines and penalties for conviction of each type vary significantly. Some are misdemeanors and some are felonies in varying degrees and they may in some instances lead to lifelong consequences. Jail, fines, probation, community service, and a permanent criminal record all can result from a conviction for assault and battery. Aggravated assault is a felony of the third degree, punishable by up to five years in jail and $5,000 in fines, while aggravated battery is a felony of the second degree, punishable by up to 15 years in jail and $10,000 in fines. Don’t take chances if you have been arrested for assault and battery. Contact me today so I can begin working zealously on your behalf. All criminal suspects are afforded certain rights under the Constitution, and I make it my priority to defend these rights and protect your freedom.