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5 Mistakes People Make when Charged with A DUI

Golburgh Law July 28, 2016

Avoid making the common mistakes when pulled over in DUI inspection. Let Lloyd Golburgh help you.

Getting pulled over and charged with DUI is quite stressful. Having a clear mindset and a solid plan helps to eliminate common mistakes people make when operating in the aftermath of a DUI arrest. Here are five big mistakes that people make which can be avoided by calling the right South Florida DUI lawyer.

Never Assume that You Are Guilty

Even if you blow over the legal limit, don’t assume that you are automatically guilty. There are situations and circumstances where the breath or blood test may be inadmissible into evidence against you. If that happens, a jury would not hear of any recorded breath or blood alcohol content. And if it is admissible, it is not necessarily accurate or reliable. A quality South Florida DUI defense lawyer should be able to explain to you all of the issues that can affect the admissibility, accuracy, and reliability of the breath and/or blood alcohol analysis results.

Driving Against Restriction

Once you’ve been arrested for DUI, you will be eligible to drive unrestricted for the first ten days so long as you carry your Uniform DUI citation with you when you drive and your driver’s license was otherwise valid before you were arrested for DUI. After that first ten days pass, you’ll need to have acquired a business purpose license from the DMV. If you drive without the permit, you’ll be charged with driving against restriction, your DUI pre-trial release could be revoked, and your problems will only multiply. Don’t drive without a valid permit.

Failure to Choose Proper Representation

There are a ton of lawyers who ‘handle’ DUI cases. That doesn’t make them experts in the field. DUI defense is a very specific and technical practice. It requires constant, dedicated study. Don’t choose your father’s friend’s criminal defense lawyer to handle your DUI case. Research and choose a quality Florida DUI defense attorney, one that has a lot of experience, a winning trial record, and keep current on all that relates to the defense of those charged with DUI in Florida.


In Florida, you have ten days within which to protect your driving privilege. If you refused to submit to a breath or urine test, or took a breath test, but blew a .08 or higher, your license was confiscated by law enforcement. The DMV takes the position that you violated your agreement to submit or blow below the legal limit, and wants it’s ‘property’ back. However, they give you an option to contest the confiscation of your driving privilege, or to waive your right to contest and immediately apply for a hardship permit. You’ve got to make this decision within the first ten days. Your high-quality Fort Lauderdale DUI defense attorney will be able to explain to you the pros and cons of choosing either option.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Too many people think they can talk their way out of a DUI charge, but they end up doing the exact opposite. You can politely decline to speak to law enforcement; however you should expect to be arrested if you do. If a police man or woman asks you to exit your vehicle, he or she is likely convinced you’re DUI and going to arrest you anyway. You should always follow the officer’s instructions with respect to what he or she wants you to DO, but say very little beyond “yes sir/ma’am, no sir/ma’am.” If the officer asks you fact specific questions about drinking and driving, politely tell him or her that you’d prefer not to answer any questions specific to his or her suspicion.

If you have been charged with a Florida DUI, contact me, Lloyd H. Golburgh. I am a highly skilled Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney with 20 years of winning DUI jury trial experience! I am are here to help you.